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by Artas1984
3 Boss Mod

Necrogiant Thor Alastor - 3 Painkiller bosses in one level!!!

Download file from Painkiller Zone.

Old Monastery Mod

Monastery is my favorite level, so I made him special!

New mod includes:

  • 16 secrets!
  • Lots of objects: gold, artifacts, health items.
  • New high class monsters included.

This game generaly is divided into 3 parts:

  • Big area and monastery building.
  • Undergrounds.
  • Journey for secrets.

This is how I recommend you to play the game:

First half of gameplay is designed for slaughter action, second - after bigest bunch of enemies will be gone and you will get good FPS, you can try to go for some secrets...

Download file from Darks Corner.

Snowy Bridge Mod

Well, the idea is simple: it has passed lots of time from that day when painkiller became boring just to play again and again...

I wanted something more: speedruns, time attacks, 5 star challenge...

Now I though that I have not tried what I always wanted to do: to make things in the game I want, though limited... Since I patched to 1.64, paineditor was available, so I thought I could make my dreams come true at least about making the levels designed to play for all who feel like Indiana Jones or Tomb Rider: the best idea was to add secrets to certain places those have been missed by PCF but had a good potencial of just being a good secret place!

The first level of I thought certainly was snowy bridge: now you have to find not 6, but 12 secret places to unlock the tarot card.

Download file from Darks Corner.

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