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Painkiller Speedrun - Ladder of World Records

This is the list of the fastest Painkiller and Battle out of Hell level times, that the fans managed to achieve to this day on trauma difficulty with no black tarot cards. Individual level runs. (updated 2020.02.05):

  • C1L1 Cemetery 01:52 by HoWa
  • C1L2 Atrium Complex 02:17 by TheVoid
  • C1L3 Catacombs 05:33 by RJ19
  • C1L4 Cathedral 05:41 by Artas1984
  • C1L5 Enclave 01:09 by Artas1984
  • C2L1 Prison by 00:48 Shaddy
  • C2L2 Opera House 01:56 by RJ19
  • C2L3 Asylum 02:57 by RJ19
  • C2L4 Snowy Bridge 03:54 by RJ19
  • C2L5 Town 01:00 by XDavidExtreme
  • C2L6 Swamp 00:59 by Artas1984
  • C3L1 Train Station 05:47 by RJ19
  • C3L2 Abandoned Factory 08:42 by RJ19
  • C3L3 Military Base 04:10 by Cyody
  • C3L4 Ruins 00:54 by Artas1984
  • C4L1 Castle 01:25 by Artas1984
  • C4L2 Palace 04:08 by Cyody
  • C4L3 Babel 04:49 by Artas1984
  • C4L4 Forest 00:48 by XDavidExtreme
  • C4L5 Tower 01:57 by Tweety
  • C5L1 City on Water 02:39 by Cyody
  • C5L2 Docks 05:58 by RJ19
  • C5L3 Old Monastery 00:42 by Cyody
  • C5L4 Hell 01:41 by RJ19
  • C6L1 Orphanage 03:22 by XDavidXtreme
  • C6L2 Loony Park 00:33 by XDavidXtreme
  • C6L3 Lab 01:50 by XDavidXtreme
  • C6L4 Pentagon 02:37 by XDavidXtreme
  • C6L5 Dead City 04:55 by XDavidXtreme
  • C6L6 Leningrad 06:35 by XDavidXtreme
  • C6L7 Colosseum 06:37 by XDavidXtreme
  • C6L8 Underworld 06:31 by XDavidXtreme
  • C6L9 Stone Pit 04:15 by XDavidXtreme
  • C6L10 Shadowland 01:14 by XDavidXtreme
Painkiller speedrun on trauma by Artas1984 & RJ19

Speed Demos Archive has relased a Painkiller speedrun in 2011. It was recorded by lithuanian Arturas Lazovskis (Artas1984) and finn Risto Jouslahti (RJ19) on trauma difficulty, with no black tarot cards. This video includes all the levels as a whole.

The recorded levels and times:

  • Cemetery: 0:02:03 by Artas1984
  • Atrium Complex: 0:02:22 by Artas1984
  • Catacombs: 0:05:33 by RJ19
  • Cathedral: 0:05:41 by Artas1984
  • Enclave: 0:01:09 by Artas1984
  • Prison: 0:00:49 by Artas1984
  • Opera House: 0:01:56 by RJ19
  • Asylum: 0:02:57 by RJ19
  • Snowy Bridge: 0:03:54 by RJ19
  • Town: 0:01:01 by Artas1984
  • Swamp: 0:00:59 by Artas1984
  • Train Station: 0:05:47 by RJ19
  • Abandoned Factory: 0:08:42 by RJ19
  • Military Base: 0:06:35 by Artas1984
  • Ruins: 0:00:54 by Artas1984
  • Castle: 0:01:25 by Artas1984
  • Palace: 0:04:35 by Artas1984
  • Babel: 0:04:49 by Artas1984
  • Forest: 0:00:53 by Artas1984
  • Tower: 0:02:36 by Artas1984
Painkiller Trickjumps HD
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Painkiller Trickjumps HD is my ultimate tribute video to Painkiller and to all of the OLD PK community friends, who are mentioned in the rnd of the video. This video is a 2013 remake of the original 2007 video. It is a trick stunt video and follows:

  • Lots of new trickjumps.
  • Improved execution and methods of many older trickjumps.
  • Improved video quality from 480p to 1080p.
  • No lag, no video cutting.

Source: 1920X1080, 30 FPS, XVID 10800 kbps, PCM 5.1 4000 kbps, 38:30.

Audio used:

  • Andrius Mamontovas - Wolfs.
  • INXS - Prehistoria.
  • Frank Klepacki - Inudstro Funk (Red Alert 2 soundtrack).
  • Marty Simon - Wild Wild Lexx (Lexx soundtrack).
  • Andrius Mamontovas - Disco Beat 2.
  • Pink Floyd - One Of These Days Live At Pompeii.
  • Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk.
  • Andrius Mamontovas - Disco Beat 1.

Download file from Google Drive.

Painkiller Mine Climbs
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This is a singleplayer trick stunt video, made in 2012, that shows how you can climb all the way up from the bottom of the Stone Pit to the surface of the level.

Download file from Google Drive.

Painkiller Exhibition
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This is s trick stunt video, made in 2010, focusing on these Painkiller multiplayer DM maps: Q3DM6_Pain, Mandra1_beta3, Trainstation, Factory, Cursed, Ballistic, ExMortis, Lukin, Fallen, Unseen Reloaded, K3Angeldust, K3Unholy, Mine, Blink, Mandra_Run.

Download file from Google Drive.

Painkiller Season Beatings 2009
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This is a deathmatch tribute video about my experiences in Painkiller multiplayer throughout the year 2009. Yours trully, Marshock...

Download file from Google Drive.

Painkiller Insanity
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I made this video in 2007 to show some extraordinary things in the game. For this video i also created special game modifications.

The video consists of 3 parts:

  • Extraordinary kills like mid air kills, multi combo-shreds, roof stake-pins and similar slaughter.
  • Showing a standalone rocket arena level, which i edited out of the singleplayer level Ruins, and showing all possible standalone rocket jumps with PCF physics.
  • Showing a mod i have made from Enclave - a fight with 3 bosses in one level at the same time on the hardest difficulty - trauma, no cheats, no powerups and no tarot cards...

Download file from Google Drive.

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