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by Artas1984
Painkiller Resurrection - 2/10 (terrible)

This game is the example of the ultimate failure of the development. It ia disaster to the PK franchise...

Plain and simple: after 5 years they release a game that has a smell of decay...

Story and presentation: you were a mercenery in real life, then you die and go to the same place, where Daniel went originaly, you are jobbed to do the same demon killing stuff as he was before you, only in a budget orienteted, bug and crash filled, cheap looking environment... Plainly speaking, the presentation of the game is weak and has a cartoon like intro with pictures, somehow feeling like a cheap and unsuccessuf Max Mayne wana-be attempt. The character looks like a 7 day drinking Max Payne just got beat up. The title after the loading looks extremely cheap, like it might have been drawn by a 7 year old kid. You now get the feeling that Painkiller Resurrection will be one of the philosophically cheapest games you ever have faced.

Visuals: the game looks even worse than Painkiller Battle Out Of Hell, which by it is late 2004 standards had the best graphics, perhaps second only to Half-Life 2. So after all these years they release a game that looks worse than original, but has serious performance issues...

Soundtrack: it’s a custom thing, however is not appealing that much anymore and at points does not really fit the game. All i can say it is not even close to the original Painkiller’s soundtrack and all that awesome background and fighting music. Some soundtrack parts in PK Resurrection are repetitive from older Painkiller games.

Sound: quality is mediocre at best. One would expect that after all these long years they would improve the in-game sounds. Worst off all they added the voice overs - irritating chants, those nobody wants to hear..

Customization: thought the options menu and HUD remain almost the same from the original, there is no cfg file in the Bin directory. The absence of cfg file is an incredibly bad turn from original Painkiller, and an insult to the fans, who like to custimize their game like it was done in the good old Quake 2 days..

Models: level design is far less attractive than that of Painkiller Overdose, not even comparing to original Painkiller.. Levels are made without fashion, chaotically dispersed with no logics to their constructive look. In contrast almost all of the original Painkiller’s levels were designed from real world places or at least were made to represent the most familiar installations build in earth. However, Painkiller Resurrection levels are a joke. There is one level in the game, that does not even have textures - can you believe that? Monster design does not exist at all - you will encoutner the same 5 year old monsters from original games and a new one - that looks like a rotten potato with a face, that as been squashed by a boulder... This new monster has the MOST horrible design i have ever seen in ANY game...

The final bosses in the game are just re-textured monsters from original Painkiller - a re-textured black demon and a re-textured Alastor..

Gameplay: dramatically changed - no longer you need to clear the area from monsters in order to progress to the next chamber, in most cases you can go free where you want - it looks like an improvement at first glance, but in fact this is the worst change in the game - because with this gameplay change the game is automatically stripped from any challenge values the original Painkiller had. It strips the game from the challenge and fun of speedruning and finding shortcuts - key success elements to original game and my favorite part about it. This new gameplay also intorduces a lot of errors and confusion. It makes the player wonder where to go, monsters sometimes bump right before your face, often you go the wrong way and so do not trigger many events those are supposed to happen - and that causes game errors also. Due to incohessive levele design, monsters spaw out of place, or get stuck, lost due very bad waypoints and AI, which also causes game crashes. In general, the gameplay somehow feels incredibly boring when compared to the previous games. Once you start macing up evil monks in the Cathedral, you feel like you have seen and done all this before, and just do not feel the motivation to play.

Challenge value:

1) 5 stars run is not possible due to the many physical 3D holes and glitches in the maps and due to the object displacement miscalculations as well as due to the changed gameplay, that makes no sense in collecting items like in original Painkiller.

2) Speedrun will not be competitive, because of the changed gameplay formula. The speedrun formula worked perfectly in the original Painkiller, where every level was divided into subsections - that made you learn and remember the pattern of how to skillfully and effectively clear the areas one by one as fast as you can as well as remember monster spawn places. This type of gameplay also forced you to search for shortcuts, those were not originally intended; that overall made the speedrun very attractive and competitive in the originalgame. Now here, in PK Resurrection, this speedrun formula does not work in almost every level - there is simply no entertainment and competition value left when monsters spawn randomly, sections can be skipped without any fights not even using shortcuts and skipping those sections can result in either crash like events or errors, especially in levels like Gloomy Mountains, Haunted City.

3) Black tarot cards - you do not feel the motivation to collect the black tarot cards, because the cards are the same from the original games, and the requirements to get the tarot cards are either dull, boring, repetitive or impossible due technical errors.

Artificial intelligence: downgraded from original PK. What the monsters in Serious Sam and Painkiller lacked in AI, compensated in numbers.

Here, however, the AI is the worst i have ever seen. It is hard to imagine how can this degradation occur after 5 years...

Cooperative: does not exist, although was promised..

Multiplayer: was never the point of this game.

Errors: i do not usually separate this, but in this case i have to. I have never seen so many bugs and errors in any game ever.. One after another - lua script errors, windows errors, dll errors, freeze-ups and hangs, Painkiller has stoped responding errors.

Support: does not exist, the game was developed by "fans", not developers, and the idiot publisher just wanted more cash. Epic fail. There was a patch released alter that did nothing major to improve the situation.

Final words: It is amazing to see how once released, original Painkiller was an epic game, that revolutionized the fast paced FPS genre and set a benchmark for future games, and from then it only went down-hill to it’s most miserable part - Painkiller Resurrection...

I really can not find anything special or positive to say about this game. I give some credit, because somehow the patching does work and you can actually finish the game even after many attempts and reloads from many errors. Only some minor situations and some minor level elements were nice in this game at times, those reminded what PK is all about.. I mean, if at least the game had been error-free and finished, without the many 3D holes and glitches, it might deserve a better rating - and that would be still bad, but now it is simply impossible. Gamespot’s 3,5 is too good for this piese of shit game, it is terrible, it is the worst FPS i have ever played.

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