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by Artas1984
Painkiller Redemption - 3/10 (bad)

It’s just a mod from multiplayer maps of the original game. It’s also the most boring mod i have ever played.

Before reading this review, please read my original Painkiller review - one of my all time favorite games.

So.. How about making a mod from the multiplayer levels of the original 2004 game, filling them with swarms of monsters, and naming it a new Painkiller game with new story and new levels? Great ha?

This is how it is: this game is a mod, in which the original Painkiller multiplayer levels are being used in a non-existant so called "campaign", just filled with huge amount of the same old monsters and items and given the name of a new title: Painkiller Redemption - a sequel to the franchise!

There is no story, there is only an pretentious excuse for it.

There is no campaign, no fluent level steam - just random multiplayer levels from original game are used and all this is called "new 6 levels".

Guess there is no surprise that this is the same 2004 engine.

Gameplay formula is like this:

  • You start in a multiplayer map, in a specific section of it, to be specific to the first level - in the megahealt/silver armor room of the map DM_Cursed.
  • Once you move FW, the doors to the next section lock-up, leaving you in that specific place; monsters start to spawn.
  • Lots of monsters will spawn - you will notice that the monsters will keep spawning in huge groups, surrounding you and leaving no room to evade, and they will spawn for a very long time!
  • You have killed many monsters already, but for some reason they just keep spawning in the same area, and despite the fact, that so many minutes have passed already, everything repeats the same again and again - you are still surrounded in that confined place with monstes just spawning..
  • After a very long time bashing lots your foes, you can proceed to the next area, in which the same formula of the first section will reappear.

Basically, there is no freedom of movement, like in real multiplayer maps, where you can go where you want; also the monsters will spawn in such huge quantities, that there won’t be enough space or ammo to counter them all. Not only lots of monsters will spawn - they will keep spawning for a very long time. There are items to collect by the way, as well as secret places, but that is just it.

Is there something else worth telling about this "game"?

Yes - there are 1000 times better mods for other "real games", that this standalone expansion pack. This Painkiller Redemption thing, if it had been made as a free mod, it would not even be in the mediocre list of mods, but as it is released as a real game, it deserves to be forgotten as soon as possible and written as one of the worst sequels to any game of all time.

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