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by Artas1984
Painkiller Recurring Evil - 3/10 (bad)

Painkiller Recurring Evil experience was like trying to squeeze the juice out of the molded rotten lemon, that has been left for dead for over 8 years.

Introduction and story: another shitface joins the ranks of the damned to slay the same old demons. The story is more pointless than the existance of the game itself.

Gameplay: nothing has changed, except now there is a bad taste in your mouth from the bad design of monster choises and bad spawnplaces. Monster selection so often has nothing to do with the level design, with the exception of the first level. Shooting really gets tiresome when your gameplay gets repetitive and monster spawn timings and quantity are unbalanced. Weapons are the same, you move the same way. Monsters are mixed from all the previosuly seen games.

Level design: level desing is left to be desired. Levels feel like inspired from the previous games, yet are made so much worse. Since there are only 5 levels in the whole game, i might as well compare them. The first level Abbey is like a mix of Cathedral from original Painkiller and Cathedrale from Resurrection, but it is definitely more related to the second variant and it looks the most ugly of them all - there is no admiration to behold like in the original Cathedral. Then we have some Highway level, that is a very cheap pretender of the Dead City level from Battle out of Hell, but significaly more linear and boring, which is insane, because Dead City was a poorly designed level already. Third we go to some Warehouse, which does not particulary strike resemblance to anything, but it feels too crowded and unatmospheric. The only nice thing there were the pipes... After that we get to revisit an extension of Cemetery, named Greveyard, which might as well be the best looking level, as it is featured in the daylight, and with that it barely falls into decency. Finaly we go to Angkor, a level with too many invisible walls and linearity with no style. There are no boss levels, as the final boss is included in the same Angkor level, which is exceptionally cheap and destroys the Painkiller boss formula so well established before where every boss had its own level.

Soundtrack: by far the worst soundtrack in the whole Painkiller franchise. The music in every level sounds the same. It is the most cheap-ass, soul-less trash metal gridning mucic you can imagine. And why the fuck does it have to be metal in every level? As a metal music soundtrack, this comes nowhere close to the memorable riffs of the original Painkiller.

Sound: you can hear some new effects, some gun sounds are different, but worst of all is your character, that does not know who he is - Belial from Overdose or mister Shitface from Resurrection. His constant changing of voices, and the repeats of moaning, itching and blabering get on the nerves pretty soon. In other words this game has the worst sound design in the Painkiller series.

Graphics: some new effects have been added, but that does not change anything. It is pointless to talk about Painkiller graphics in a shit game like this when we have Crysis 2 to behold...

Final words: it is another very disapointing expansion that can be easily skipped. It is a game of 5 levels, and each of them feels like molded from the worst parts and ideas of Battle out of Hell and Overdose combined. If this game had been made in 2005, and had additional 5 levels, despite how cheap it feels, it probably could have goten a 5 out of 10, but as it stands now, with a whole 5 levels in 2012, this is 3 out of 10 at best.

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter video game released on April 12, 2004. It was developed by Polish game studio People Can Fly and published by DreamCatcher Interactive.

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