PK Speedrun on Trauma by Artas1984

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by Artas1984
PK Speedrun on Trauma by Artas1984

Speed Demos Archive has relased a Painkiller speedrun. It’s the complete Painkiller speedrun recorded by lithuanian Artas1984 in 2011 on trauma difficulty. This is the second PK speedrun in history, with the first being made by finnish player RJ19 in 2006 which wasn’t accepted by SDA. This video includes all levels as a whole.

The video includes:

  • Original Artas trauma speedrun.
  • Cutsecenes.
  • Intro and outro videos.

About the speedrun:

  • Only trauma levels.
  • speedrun’s time: 67:22.
  • no using Tarot cards.
  • no using mods and cheats.


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Painkiller is a first-person shooter video game released on April 12, 2004. It was developed by Polish game studio People Can Fly and published by DreamCatcher Interactive.

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