Snowy Bridge Mod

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by Artas1984
Snowy Bridge Mod

Well, the idea is simple: it has passed lots of time from that day when painkiller became boring just to play again and again...

I wanted something more: speedruns, time attacks, 5 star challenge...

Now I though that I have not tried what I always wanted to do: to make things in the game I want, though limited... Since I patched to 1.64, paineditor was available, so I thought I could make my dreams come true at least about making the levels designed to play for all who feel like Indiana Jones or Tomb Rider: the best idea was to add secrets to certain places those have been missed by PCF but had a good potencial of just being a good secret place!

The first level of I thought certainly was snowy bridge: now you have to find not 6, but 12 secret places to unlock the tarot card.

Download file from Darks Corner.

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